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San Blas Archipelago

Paradise islands off the coast of Panama

Archipiélago de San blas
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How to get around


A taxi will pick you up at the hotel or house in Panama City and take you to the Albrook airport, this trip lasts approximately 20 minutes, once at the airport, a plane of approximately 6 passengers will be waiting to take you to the runway. Landing of the Corazón de Jesús Kuna Yala territory, this flight lasts approximately 45 minutes.
Taxi: 10 usd
Plane: 300/400 usd round trip (depending on availability


A 4 × 4 taxi will pick you up at the hotel or at the door of your house in Panama City at 5:45 am, these taxis have a capacity for 7 people, since you will be directed to the Carti Sugdup port of embarkation of the Kuna Yala territory.

The tour will last approximately 2:30 minutes, midway the driver will stop at a supermarket where you can buy something to drink or eat and if you have any food requirement that is not on the boat, you can buy it there.
The trip may seem very long and exhausting, but I assure you that the landscapes that Panama offers you, its flora and fauna will leave you fascinated, when you get on the boat you can begin to enjoy the islands, you will fall in love with these turquoise and white waters. of its beaches.

Shared ground transportation and water taxi from Panama City 135 usd round trip per person

Children over 7 years old 120 usd round trip per person

History - Culture

Guna Yala

What really makes a stay in these islands truly unforgettable is the possibility of getting in touch with the population, their culture and their lifestyle. These Indians live independently according to their ancient laws and traditions. There are still many ancient traditions in this area, such as the colorful traditional dress of women – the famous mola. Decorated with fabric panels, handmade by women, it is considered one of the best crafts in Panama. Culture san blas Women are highly valued in the archipelago. One of the best festivals is the Rite of the Innocents celebrating the arrival of menstruation for girls. During the festival, where the rivers of alcohol flow, the women wear precious gold jewelry. The “SAILA” are the spiritual guides and political authorities of the community. These essays, which know the ancient religion of Ibeorgun, are expressed on any subject by consulting the singers capable of remembering the stories of the ancestors. These islands are a true refuge from the stress and influx of everyday life. It is good to remember that you are a “guest” of the Kuna and have to adapt and respect their rules.


The Western Isles They are the closest islands to the capital El Porvenir. From Panama City it can be reached both by plane and by land in approximately 2 hours of travel. Cartí and its nearby islands are near the end of the El Llano-Carti highway, which reaches the Comarca out of the land. They are the islands that are more easily accessible and at the same time those that are suffering the impact of tourism, after opening the way to 4 × 4 cars. Carti Sugtupu is the most populated island where there is a small museum on the history of the indigenous Kuna. El Porvenir is the official administrative capital of GunaYala. There is the police station, the immigration office and the airport. The medical center is in nearby Widsubwala, a 5-minute drive away. Los Cayos Limones are a group of more than 20 islands, most of them with beautiful beaches. An ideal place for snorkeling, camping and fishing. The Dutch Keys are the pearls of the archipelago, with cobalt green sea and shallow coral at the bottom of the snorkel. The central islands Heart of Jesus, Nargana and Isla Tigre. Narganá and Corazón de Jesús are two densely populated islands linked by a wooden bridge. Isla Tigre is one of the most traditional islands in the Region.

How to get around

It is important that when you arrive in Panama, you withdraw enough money to pay the tuor expenses since there are no ATMs in San Blas, when making your reservation, you must pay 15% via pay pal, the remaining money must be paid on board the boat upon arrival.

On the islands you can buy souvenirs such as “molas” which are very colorful handmade fabrics, or “winny” which are always very colorful bracelets, traditional from the Indians.

Take little luggage: in San Blas we are fortunate not to need many dresses or shoes to make our adventure unforgettable, so if you are doing a very long trip you can leave some suitcases in the hotel you booked, they will keep it in a vault until the time of your return.

Have a good trip

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