General Conditions of Carey trips Rental

These General Conditions apply in full right to all reservations made on the website of the company Carey trips Any use of the website or reservation implies the unconditional acceptance of the lessee of these General Conditions.


Carey trips: Provision of boat rental service
Landlord: means any natural or legal person, owner of the boat or person in charge of the boat rental company or its representative.
Tenant or User: means any user or client who uses the services of Carey Trips.

Article 1: Purpose

These general rental conditions govern the relationship between the Lessee, the Landlord and Carey Trips.
As intermediary, Carey Trips acts as such and undertakes to do everything possible to offer the Lessee the boat of a Lessor or the cabin of a Lessor corresponding to what he is looking for. Carey Trips acts as a non-exclusive commercial agent on behalf of the Lessor. Carey Trips may, in this sense, negotiate and conclude contracts for the sale of rent or the provision of services on behalf of the Landlord.
These general rental conditions do not replace, in any case, the rental contract of the lessor sent to the client once the reservation is made from the website.
The Rental Conditions of the Lessor prevail in case of contradiction between the present General Rental Conditions of Carey Trips, in case of control of the local port and maritime authorities, or in case of conflict with the Lessor.
Carey Trips acts in good faith and cannot in any way be held liable for actions, liabilities, negligence, breaches or damages related to the relationship between the Lessee and the Landlord.

Article 2: Description of Services

The website is open free of charge to all internet users who wish to rent a boat or book a cruise with or without crew.
The Website identifies the boat(s) of the Leasers selected by Carey Trips by offering a boat rental service or in-cabin charter cruises located in the places described on the website.
Carey Trips informs its users that every effort is made to ensure that the datasheets and equipment correspond exactly to the right one. However, the information is not contractual and we recommend consulting with the charter company prior to embarkation to make a full inventory of the vessel.
By accessing the website, the User consults a number of boat rental advertisements published on the website. The User can receive quotations for the rental of boats or cabins of his choice or similar. These quotations have a limited validity.

Article 3: Reservation

(a) Payment of the advance
The Lessee must pay a deposit on the Web to reserve the boat or cabins of his choice. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. In this case, the Lessee is asked to send proof of payment to Carey Trips once payment has been made.
The due date for payments of the amount(s) to be paid will be transmitted to the Lessee by the Landlord or Carey Trips once the reservation has been validated by the Landlord.
b) Validation of the reservation
The reservation will be considered valid once confirmed by Carey Trips. The Tenant receives a confirmation email with instructions to follow. Upon confirmation by the Landlord, the Tenant is in direct contact with the Landlord to finalize his rental cruise and sign the Landlord’s final rental contract and arrange his arrival at the rental base.
In the event that the reservation cannot be confirmed by Carey Trips, the Lessee will be reimbursed in full without any expense related to the reservation or the payment of the deposit. In no event will Carey Trips reimburse the Lessee for any damage or injury in the event of the non-validation of the reservation.
A reservation will not be considered as final validation until all payments have been made by the Lessee.

Article 4: Liability of the Tenant

a) The Lessee undertakes to use the boat as a good family man, maintaining on board a responsible attitude, respectful of the boat, the cabins, the equipment and all the material on board.
In the event that a professional skipper is not the person responsible for navigation, the Lessee confirms that he has the knowledge and experience necessary for the navigation he plans to practise, as well as the qualifications required to be responsible for the boat.
It is the Lessee’s responsibility to comply with the regulations of the local authorities, before departure, concerning administrative formalities, police documentation and health documents required in the context of the stay. No stay or cruise will be reimbursed in the event that the Tenant, by not presenting the documents in the course of validation (passport, VISA…) or by not observing the required formalities, is in the impossibility of carrying out his stay or departing on a cruise. The additional costs of this cancellation will be borne by the Lessee.
b) In the particular cases of cruise with crew or to the cabin, the Lessee must appear at the place of embarkation at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time for the cruise. Under no circumstances may passengers board before the scheduled time or deposit their luggage. The lessee undertakes to comply with the safety and navigation orders laid down by the crew.
c) The Lessee undertakes to use the boat for pleasure navigation, with the exception of any trade, commercial fishing, transport, regatta or other transaction, except if this is provided for in the rental contract in agreement with the Lessee. This last hypothesis implies special rules and obligations for this type of contract, such as individual insurance contracts, administrative formalities, etc., which the Landlord and the Tenant must respect imperatively.
d) The subleasing contract and the loan of the rented boat or cabin are strictly prohibited.
e) The Lessee undertakes to embark only the authorized number of persons.
f) In the event of serious damage (broken mast, waterways, fire, etc.) on board a rented boat without professional crew, the Lessee must urgently notify the Lessor and ask for instructions. Pending such instructions, the Lessee shall be required to establish a statement by a commissioner of the damage in order to obtain reimbursement from the insurance company of the amounts due to him.
g) Under no circumstances shall Carey Trips be liable for damages incurred or sailing conditions.

Article 5: Retractation of the Tenant

a) before boarding: All cancellations must be notified to Carey Trips by email to [email protected]. The amount of the advances paid is normally purchased from the Lessor. If the Landlord accepts the reimbursement of the amounts received, only the processing fees (10% of the rent) will be maintained. In case of cancellation of the cruise to the cabin, whatever the case, the cancellation expenses will be: up to 90 days before boarding, penalty: 25% /// from 89 to 60 days: 50% /// from 59 to 30 days: 75% /// from 29 days until the day of boarding: 100% of the total price.
b) modifications to the reservation: If the lessee, for whatever reason, wishes to make a change to his reservation (model boat, date, destination…), 125€ will be charged as service costs. In addition to the potential additional costs linked to the modification of the reservation.

Article 6: Cancellation by the Landlord

In the event of cancellation of the rental by the Lessee, Carey Trips undertakes to provide the Lessee with a replacement boat of equivalent or higher category or, failing this, to refund the amounts paid by the Lessee on the Web without the latter being able to claim for damages.
In the event of cancellation by the Lessee of a cabin cruise, Carey Trips undertakes to propose to the Lessee an equivalent or similar cruise at the same destination or not depending on availability. The Lessee has the right to refuse this cruise. All amounts paid through the website will be reimbursed without the lessee being able to claim damages.
Any modification must be made through [email protected].

Article 7: Liability

You acknowledge that Carey Thrips is an intermediary of Landlords, acting on behalf of the latter. Carey trips will not be liable in any way, for any damage suffered by the Lessee in the framework of the rental of boats and their cruise.
Carey trips is not responsible for the deposit deposited by the lessee with the lessor as part of their charter.
Any claim of the lessee must be addressed to the lessor informing Carey trips. The lessee may not request a refund from his bank (or any other payment intermediary) of the regulations made on the website of Carey trips without the agreement of Carey trips and the lessor, whatever the reasons for their cancellation or claim.

Article 9: Litigation

The parties expressly agree to attempt to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise. If no amicable agreement is reached on the disputes between the parties to the lease, the parties agree to submit any dispute to the competent courts of the country where the rental was made. Disputes arising under this reservation contract must be submitted to the Paris Court of First Instance.
By clicking on the “I Accept” button, the Lessee confirms to accept all the provisions of these General Conditions. If the Lessee does not accept these General Conditions, he will not be able to use the services of the Website.