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All the luxury and comfort you could wish for with a professional crew at your service who will take care of your holiday in every detail. you can rent exclusively for your friends or family. Spacious rooms, large cabins and many amenities and services await you that will guarantee you maximum relaxation and comfort on board. You will be able to go kayaking, take advantage of the snorkeling equipment and everything you need to make your dream trip simply perfect. SELECT ONE OF OUR DESTINATIONS, PREPARE YOUR SUITCASES AND SAIL WITH US

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Imbarcheremo ogni venerdi da giugno, luglio e settembre, per navigare a vela tra le meravigliose acque di Ponza e Ventotene. Ponza e Ventotene il …

SETTIMANA IN CATAMARO SETTEMBRE ISOLE EOLIE! Isole Eolie: uno spettacolo della natura in catamarano Scopri con un comodo e grande catamarano la …

Una settimana a bordo del veliero più famoso del porto di Roma Careytrips ha preparato un itinerario diverso  voi viene a navigare …

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